English Title: Restaurant to Another World
Japanese Title: 異世界食堂
Romanization: Isekai Shokudou
Alternate Titles: The Other World Dining Hall
Author: Junpei Inuzuka
Illustrator: Katsumi Enami
Japanese Publisher: Hero Bunko
English Publisher: Seven Seas
Genre: Isekai, Fantasy, Cooking
Began Publication (Japan): February 28, 2015
Began Publication (English): April 18, 2019
Publication Status: Ongoing
Anime: Yes (Adapted Various Stories from the Light Novels)
Manga: Yes (No English License)
Official Japanese Website: https://herobunko.com/books/hero21/
LNDB Entry: http://lndb.info/light_novel/Isekai_Shokudo
Novel Updates Entry: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/the-other-world-dining-hall/
MyAnimeList Entry: https://myanimelist.net/manga/86591/Isekai_Shokudou

The basis for the beloved anime about a restaurant that welcomes fantasy creatures to dine!

In Tokyo lies a small restaurant called “Western Cuisine Nekoya,” ordinary in every way―save one. Every Saturday, its door connects to another world! Follow along as a cavalcade of curious guests from half-elves to samurai, dragons, halflings and vampires enter its premises, all with the same goal in mind: to fill their stomachs with the most mouth-watering of foods.

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